15 April 2013

Wii Remote Control Plus Tsuika Pack

I finally have all the Wiimotes I need, hopefully for a 'more complete' multi-player experience on the Wii U. I am expecting some friends to hang out this weekend, and although the Nunchuks may not be used for most of the games, I'd still like to have all four to match the existing Wiimotes, just in case (Metroid Blast!).

I got a nice deal with my most recent Wiimote purchase, the Tsuika Pack, as it was bundled with the same colored Nunchuk, and it cost me less than if I bought them separately. I got the Japanese one with "shiro" (Japanese for white) printed on the box. The Wiimote has no actual "Wii U" branding but has the features of a "Wii U Wiimote", as I described in my previous post. It also has these manuals that I can't read, and a Club Nintendo code that I can't use (it's for CN Japan).

The Wii Remote Control Plus Tsuika Pack

What really pushed me into getting this, is that aside from the Nunchuk, it also came with a Wii U Sensor Bar. I know I already have one (actually two), but there's no harm in having an extra for you-never-know! I say "Wii U Sensor Bar" because there's a slight difference from the one that came with the Wii. There are no real or major differences as far as I can tell, except for the color. The Wii Sensor Bar has a black and grey/silver color combination, while the Wii U Sensor Bar is all black. Even the LED color is the same for both.

These are my Wii and Wii U Sensor Bars. They actually work with the other console (Wii Sensor Bar on the Wii U, and the Wii U Sensor Bar on the Wii), but since both my Wii and Wii U are plugged in and set up so that I'll just turn them on, put the disc in and play, I set both sensors up, so that I don't have to switch the sensor from one console to another.

I actually have 3 Sensor Bars now. The one from the Wii, the one from the Wii U, and the one from the Tsuika Pack. May become 4 after I get my Wii Mini. O_O

11 April 2013

The Wii U Wiimote

I recently got an additional Wiimote, and noticed that the box that it came in is branded as "Wii U". However, the Wiimote that is pictured on the box, as well as the actual one, doesn't have any "Wii U" branding. But there are noticeable physical differences as you can see below.

The box says "Also works with Wii" despite the actual controller being branded FOR the Wii.

A part of the hand wrist strap looked different, as there is some kind of protruding material that you can use to push something with... which I assume is that new sync button outside the battery cover... which I found out a few minutes later after trying to sync the new controller that it is in fact its purpose. Not bad, since my puffy fingers with long nails can't to the job. The sync button inside the cover is still there. I should have also noticed the illustration showed on the TV when I tried to sync my old Wiimotes to my Wii U a while back.

I think that new external sync button is a nice addition, especially for those who would complain of having to open the battery cover whenever they need to sync the controller. That's something I have no need for, though, as I'm pretty much content on how to use the internal sync button. Besides, I always remove the batteries when the controller isn't in use, so I still have to open that battery cover from time to time.

Aside from the aesthetic changes, I'm not exactly sure how else this new "Wii U Wiimote" differs from the older ones. I do know for a fact that it still has the motionplus built in (because it's also written on the Wiimote itself). Are there any other changes?

17 March 2013

The LoudBasstard

I finally got my own loudbasstard™ today. I had to go all the way to the Innovations Fair at the Mind Museum in Taguig. I'm not sure if I was the first person there at their booth today but I definitely caught them during their setup.

02 March 2013

More Camera Comparisons

Nokia Lumia 820

Sony Xperia Go

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V

01 March 2013

Camera Comparison

An extended comparison of the cameras on the Nokia Lumia 820, the Sony Xperia Go, and the addition of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V. These pictures were taken while I was at the mall earlier, so all of the shots are indoors. All are set to default settings.

Nokia Lumia 820

Sony Xperia Go

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX200V